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3 Apps to Better Share Your Next Event

Event Industry

The event industry is becoming famous nowadays, because of its prosperous effects on business and companies getting enormous profit from this industry and profit which businesses earned it could be in the shape of increase business sales and services or in the form of money. Usually, businesses organize events for several purposes such as we already discussed for the increase in sales and services also enhance the relationship with customers. The successful event becomes the reason for brand success. The event takes 30% of the total budget of International proves that marketing through the event is the most expensive part of the company even the development of the new product is less in price compare than the expense of a product launch event. Companies which located in UK and USA, collected more than $400 billion of dollars from their events last year and the number of revenue figure has been increasing with the passage of time. Event has become the preeminent factor for the presence of the business.  

First Step for a successful event

Might possibly, getting someone attention was a quite hard and challenging task for event organizers in the past. But in the world of technology, there is nothing impossible now. Technology has changed the business strategies and rules, it is playing as a key role in the success of the event.

Any event became successful when attendees engaged in event and technology substantially providing the solution for this aspect. It did not ease step but now it became possible because of the use of technology. Therefore, the first step towards the successful event should be the availability of an iPad for every attendee. How it keeps them engaged? We will discuss it. Most international companies preferred to hire the iPad from iPad hire companies rather than buy. Through this way, businesses try to save their money and time. After that, we are going to discuss some event apps who gave the immersive experience to the attendees and you should use in your next event.

  • Map by Apple
  • Easy Check-in
  • Whova- Event & Conference App

Map by Apple

The value of the Apple map has immense for the attendees who came from outside the city where the event is taking place. It helps them to locate the location of the venue and stay away from the distraction of lost in the way. Attendees can track the location is a very convenient and simple way.

Easy Check-in

In the past, people stood in the long queues and wait for their turn to register themselves. The event organizer also used the clipboard for this aim and this procedure was very painful not for just attendees also organizers became stressful. Event registration makes the event 50% successful. To facilitate the attendees and use the easy check-in registration app for attendee’s registration. Even though this app, you can set the “Guest notification” you get instantly alert when the guest will arrive in the event.

Whova- Event & Conference App

This is an incredible app and it manages the network between attendee and organizer as well as we know getting success in an event is possible only when attendee engaged and no one can do this better than this app. With the help of this app, attendee becomes able to share their information, ideas, knowledge with other attendees also, because of it, the audience can participate and check the detail of the session.

As we already described in the upper portion of the article, ensure the availability of tablet and iPad for this purpose. If small business wasn’t able to use it in their events, they should use the alternative option. They have an opportunity to hire the tablet from tablet hire companies which make them able to generate enormous profit from their events.

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