5 Best Beard care Products Every Beardsman Needs

Maintaining a robust beard is as tough as maintaining your physique; it takes a lot of work for getting the right results. And, if you are serious about your beard, you need to have certain products to keep your beard game up.

By-products, we do not mean a couple of toiletries but a complete beard care kit which has everything you need to maintain a well-groomed bearded look.

Here are the five best beard care products every beardsman needs to head out in style and be the head-turner you’ve always wanted to be!

1. Beard Oil

No Beardsman’s arsenal is complete without a nourishing beard oil which will keep your beard moisturized and shining most of the time. They are a blend of nutritious oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, sandalwood oil, myrrh, lavender, and more. They are formulated to increase hair growth in moustache and beard, keeping your skin hydrated.

Moreover, beard oils are special oils with almond, thyme, geranium and other products which remove all the dirt and debris accumulated in your beard to protect it from any kind of fungal or bacterial build-up. Tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and chamomile oil, especially, are added to these oils to prevent the skin under your beard from developing dandruff and inflammation.

You can have a beard oil specially formulated for your skin and hair type and use it to improve your beard and keep it in place. And while you are at it, why not invest in a bear oil which will make your beard smell great too!

2. Beard Balms

If your unruly beard annoys you and your barber is not able to do anything about it, it is high time you add a beard balm into your kit. They are blends of ingredients like beeswax, Shea butter, and cocoa butter with lanolin. They are a bit on a heavier side and work wonders when you use them as beard gels.

Although some beard oils are heavy enough to keep your beard in place, most of them are not. Beard oils are good enough to keep your beard moisturised, but it is the beard balms that you can use as styling aids. They are perfect for daily conditioning and make your beard look absolutely sleek and glossy.

While you cannot head out with beard oils, they are great as overnight leave-in conditioners. For when you are headed out, you can use the dynamic beard balms or lighter beard oils.

3. Pre-shave Oil and Shave Shampoo

Whether or not you have sensitive skin, you need to get rid of the tiny shave hair near the neck and cheeks. For this, you need to have a good quality pre-shave oil which smoothens the movement of razor along the skin by creating thin lubrication, preventing burns.

If you are not a fan of pre-shave oils, you can always opt for shave shampoos which are great for creating a moisturizing layer on your skin for a burn-free, smooth shave. Opt for soaps with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, glycerine, and shea butter.

4. After-shave oil

One thing even a regular beardsman’s beard care kit cannot do without is an after-shave oil. No matter what you do, razors can leave your skin dry and craving for some moisture. So, you can use a rejuvenating oil to bring your sensitive skin back to life. They cool, moisturize, and tone the skin. Using face toners -after-shave is a bad idea because they tighten the skin, while oils leave it smooth and gentle.

5. Beard Face Wash and Beard Cream

Your hair follicles are different from that of your beard and require special care. Using regular dandruff shampoo on beard cab rip them off all the essential oils, promoting dandruff instead of removing them. Therefore, you should invest in a superior quality beard wash to keep the pH of your skin in place.

Finally, invest in a beard cream to keep your recently cleaned beard, and the skin under it moisturized. Gone are the times when it was challenging to find the right products to grow your beard dense and long. Today, all possible products that you need in your beard kit are readily available across the country. So, wait no more and update your beard kit right-away with all the essentials!

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