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5 Low-Cost Home Decoration Ideas

Home-owners find themselves caught up in a situation where they had spent all their money on purchasing the house, and now they are penny less and out of budget for decorating their home. However, there is no need to lose heart, there are plenty of cheap and shoestring budget ideas for decorating the home.

Decorating your home in a creative way doesn’t have to be an expensive process. You can decorate your place according to you without spending a huge amount of costly decorative items. You just have to think a little innovative, creative, and out of the box for decorating home. Here are the top 5 cheapest yet creative home decoration ideas:

Plants And Vases

Hanging pots and corner vases are one of the most economical and affordable ways of decorating your home. Plants and vases add new dimensions to your room. In addition to oxygen, flowers and plants bring positive vibes to a home. To make the most of them, it is always wise to see them as a decorative item that benefits the health of people living in a home. There are many ways to use plants and vases as healthy decorative pieces.

  • Get a cart or a bench to keep some amazing plants.
  • Get a window ledge and decorate your window. This will also provide your plants with light they require.


Adding a mirror to a small room makes it look bigger than it is in actual. Mirrors don’t only add style to space but also make it look bright and spacious. Mirrors can completely change the appearance of a room and make it look bigger and brighter.

  • Get some window-like mirrors and add a sophisticated addition to your place
  • Install a large mirror in a bedroom and bring a new style in your decoration approach.


When looking for an affordable way to decorate your home, pastel paintings become a great choice. Pastel paintings are a unique yet budgeted item that can have a great impact on your home decor. It is because pastel prints are created by artists after getting inspiration from the real-world scenes. Whether it’s one painting or many of them, you need to assemble them in the right way.

  • Instead of getting different types of paintings, get ones around a theme. They could be anything from animal art prints, wall art of beaches, and pastel art of people to wall art of boats.
  • Get unique paintings. They could add a story to your wall.

Hang Plates

Decorating a home’s walls with plates is a cost-effective yet innovative idea. They not just make your wall look beautiful but also make it a focal point of your place. In addition, plates provide you with a versatile decoration scheme that goes well with all kinds of homes. There are multiple ways to hang plates and make them a brilliant decorative item.

  • Pick a tight colour scheme and add a cohesive look to your white wall.
  • Use plates of different colours and make your wall colourful.

Paper Lamps

You don’t have to invest in an expensive and over the top lighting to make your home look bright and shiny. You can purchase those cheap and less expensive paper lamps. They look great and classy too.

  • Hang paper lamps over your existing lights to a new look to your home.
  • Choose paper lamps of different colours to make your place look colourful.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of cost-effective decoration ideas, choose one of them and add new colours to your place. Make sure that you are installing them in the right way.

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