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5 Reasons To Know Your Rights For Workplace Injury

A large section of the population is still involved in blue-collar jobs. These people are responsible for giving shape to all kinds of infrastructure projects. It is impossible to build anything without the efforts of skilled workers and unskilled labor. While most of us may not know the importance of this part of the national workforce, the administration fully understands their work’s significance. In this post, we are discussing why such workers must know their rights for workplace injury and how a workplace injury attorney can provide you justice if you file a case against any kind of accident. People involved in construction work, manufacturing industry or any such activity that requires manual labor or manipulation of machinery are prone to physical danger. The government has ensured that any harm caused due to an accident while a person is discharging is treated with help from the employer and the insurance company. However, there are instances where the employing organization tries to shirk its duties or the individual does not report the incident in the correct manner, due to ignorance.

For instance, a woodworker at a furniture company in Saint Paul, MN got hurt while working. He was going to get the injury treated by himself when a fellow Carpenters local 322 union member told him that he should report the matter to his supervisor. The injured man was informed by his colleague that the company will take care of all the medical expenses as it was a work-related accident. The following are the reasons why people must know their rights for any injury sustained during the course of discharging their duty.

1. Correct Procedure Of Reporting The Incident

Most workers are not aware that any injury suffered at the working facility must be immediately reported to the management. This is because the company administration has to prepare a report that includes the nature of the injury along with the details like the date, time, and the exact location where the accident happened. It also contains a description of what the individual was doing when he/ she was hurt. In some cases, the report will need to be submitted by the company to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also. Moreover, the management will then transfer the hurt person to an authorized medical facility for treatment.

2. Financial Responsibilities Of The Employer

In most cases, the expenses of the medical treatment are to be paid by the employer. Usually, the management files a claim with the insurance company who then processes the application and release payments. Insurance companies will also conduct their own investigation into the matter to establish the authenticity of the incident. The inquiry also helps them in preparing their claim settlement report. Workers’ insurance generally involves co-payments for prescribed medication, doctor visits, and any medical devices used in the treatment. This is one of the most important reasons due to which people must be aware of their rights for workplace injury.

3. Right To Leaves Of Absences

People who are undergoing medical treatment or have completed treatment but have been advised rest by the doctor have the right to take leaves of absence from their work. In most jurisdictions, the workers’ contracts contain a clause that provides staff members the benefit of taking time off due to work-related injuries. In case, you are confused about whether your work contract has this provision or not, you can ask your union for information. For instance, a carpenter at a construction site in Hermantown, MN approached his union, the Carpenters local 361 for help after an accident. The union helped him know about all his rights and the benefits that he was entitled to receive from his employing organization.

4. Coverage Of Injury Due To Repetitive Movement

Most people feel that a medical condition that is caused by a repetitive movement that is part of their daily job is not covered by workers’ compensation. This is an incorrect notion and must be discarded at the earliest. Let’s say as part of your job as a construction worker, you are routinely lifting heavy objects. This causes a condition in your back that is preventing you from discharging your duties. Now, you can report the issue to the management by filing an accident report. Many people feel that a report cannot be filed because there is no exact schedule of the occurrence of the injury. They must know that they only need to mention that the damage was done due to repetitive movements.

5. Employer Disputing Your Claims For Compensation

Employers can dispute your claim for compensation if you file an application related to repetitive movement injury. It is common to see people do nothing in such instances and get medical help at their own expense. You must approach your union who can connect you with a workplace injury attorney. Most unions give such referrals and the lawyers usually do not charge any fee for discussing the case.


Workers’ compensation is a significant benefit that is the right of every worker in all types of industries. It is essential that people know their rights for workplace injury so that they can get proper medical care without fearing the burden of the associated financial costs.

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