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5 Unknown Extraordinary Things In Las Vegas

Showgirls, a vibrant nightlife, lots of glitter and clanging slot machines. Las Vegas has always been the bird of paradise in the middle of the Nevada desert. But the city has more to offer: For those who want to experience something extraordinary in Las Vegas to make their trip to the gambling metropolis unforgettable, we’ve put together four unusual attractions. Excalibur Hotel & Casino is a place to stay to enjoy the beauty of Las Vegas.

National Atomic Testing Museum

That Las Vegas is known for money, gangsters and fantasies are undisputed. But the city’s location amidst the Nevada desert also made it the perfect place for nuclear testing in the 1950s. For those interested in the nuclear age, the National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) is a must. It tells the story of the nuclear weapons testing program at the Nevada Test Site, located some 105 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas. The museum illustrates history from a scientific, sociological and technological point of view and houses more than 12,000 exhibits. The National Atomic Testing Museum is located east of the Las Vegas Strip near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

Showgirls belong to Las Vegas like the desert sand. What is there further to devote to the history of Burlesque s own Hall of Fame in the middle of the Arts District. The Nonprofit Museum’s mission is to preserve and celebrate burlesque as an art form and cultural phenomenon. Thousands of costumes, photographs, and props dazzlingly document the careers and lives of burlesque dancers, comedians, and producers.

Mob Museum

What could be more appropriate: The dangerous side of America, united in a museum, in the Sin City Las Vegas: The Mob Museum offers a first-class interactive journey through the history of organized crime. It houses artifacts such as movie posters, the screenplay for the movie “The Godfather” or the Nevada gas chamber chair. But the highlight is the 1929 Valentine ‘s Day Massacre Wall ( St. Valentine ‘s Day Massacre Wall) in Chicago with its bullet holes. Seven members and associates of the North Side Gang were shot in cold blood right in front of this wall, allegedly by members of Al Capone’s gang.

Aliens hunt near Area 51

Anyone watching the X Files – The Eerie Cases of the FBI will not miss a tour to Area 51. “Area 51” a notorious, top-secret military facility. The military site tour is already an adventure in itself: Route 375, officially known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, is one of the most solitary in the world, with an unlikely picturesque desert landscape. The top-secret Janet Airlines at the Las Vegas International Airport, the Mutated Joshua Tree forest, the mysterious Delamar Dry Lake , where UFOs are often spotted, not to miss the popular A’Le’Inn burger at the famed Little A’Le ‘ Inn, which is a mecca for alien hunters and tourists and hosted documentaries, as well as films such as Independence Day. By the way, you can not get to the military area “Area 51” itself, because a cross-border one is strictly forbidden: “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly Force authorize”, it says on a sign.

Neon Museum

Also known as Neon Boneyard, the Neon Museum houses iconic Las Vegas past. From the Stardust logo on the original Moulin Rouge sign, the open-air museum on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard houses historic neon signs of Sin City restaurants, hotels, casinos, and wedding chapels. The Neon Museum is a treasure chest of Las Vegas casinos, stars and gangster stories and stories that should be on every sightseeing program. With a guided tour led by volunteers, you may also get some glimpses of Las Vegas you would not find in any tour guide.

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