5 ways in which Wedding Wish-list is simplifying life of couples.

Wedding Wish-list is a wedding technology company that helps wedding planning simple, easy and sustainable for the couple and their families. Millennial couples are increasingly moving towards zero waste, sustainable and eco-friendly options in life. In the same way, they want their weddings also to portray just that. All the different kind of waste like paper usage for invites and wasted gifts at weddings are all taken care of Wedding Wish-list.

Here are some ways in which Wedding Wish-list helps simplify weddings.

Gift registry. With wedding gifts being the biggest source of waste in Indian weddings it is important something is done about the infinite bouquets, Ganesh idols, photo frames and a lot more. So to help resolve that problem Wedding Wishlist helps couples plan their wedding gifts just like they plan their weddings so that when they open their gifts on the day of the wedding they are only pleasantly surprised to receive all the gifts that they want. A gift registry not only helps the couple but the guest too. Most often than not the guests are also clueless as to what the couple should get so a gift registry also simplifies their life in the following ways

  • They don’t have to think about what to get the couple.
  • They don’t have to carry the gift to the wedding.
  • They live with the satisfaction that they gave the couple what they actually needed.

E – Invites

Another source of waste from Indian weddings is paper. Off late with couples going all big for their wedding, the wedding card can’t be small. It has to be elaborate. Because of this, there is a lot of waste of paper. Anyway, what happens to the invite after the wedding nobody knows. Some people repurpose or recycle it, while others throw it in the bin. In such a case doing something like an online wedding invitation card is the perfect solution. It’s easy on the pocket and also saves paper. Another good thing about the online wedding invitation is that it doesn’t need a lot of petrol to distribute it to everybody’s house. E-invites are light on the pocket and easy on the environment.

Wedding Website

This is a new style of inviting and is the kind of facility that helps you add a fancy touch to your wedding invitations. This is the type of wedding invitation that helps you put your wedding story, wedding function details, gift registry details, guest travel details, and an RSVP manager. This basically combines everything and helps you with the ease of tracking the number of guests attending the wedding, gift registry and more.

Wedding app

This one is similar to the wedding website but lives on the phone instead of the browser. It also has additional facilities like the social wall and photo gallery. Guests can share their wedding photos in one place on the photo gallery page. Couples can use the social wall page to share updates about the wedding functions and more.

So these are the ways in which Wedding Wishlist simplifies the life of a couple planning a wedding.

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