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8 Great and Different Ways to Eat Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies have surely gained immense popularity, what with advertisements teaching little ones how to eat their favorite cookie in different ways – dunk it, lick it, or crush it – it tastes amazing in any which way you try it. You may have already tried all of these methods (even discovered more because you can be as creative with your Oreo). But here, we’re going to share other innovative ways in which you can enjoy your cookies even more.

8 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Your Oreo Cookies

  1.     Oreo Dessert Tacos – Tacos and Oreo – how do they even go together? They would when you make them this way. Take a pack of golden Oreos and surprise your friends at the tea party by turning the cookies into sweet dessert tacos. Just flip them open and stuff them with any sweet mix of your choice (be creative with your toppings, sweet or savory, as you like it). And yes, don’t put salsa in (that definitely wouldn’t go with these sweet tacos!). You can also buy the wholesale cookies and store the packs so that you can make your own dessert anytime.
  2.     Oreo popcorn – Love popcorn? Try adding a dash of sweet Oreos to the otherwise bland popcorn and see the difference! Take only the cookie part that doesn’t have the cream on it (take 5-6 of these) and roll them straight using a rolling pin. You’d get a handful of crushed Oreos. Now sprinkle the mixture into a bag of ready popcorn. Pop it over for a minute and there you have a yummy mix of Oreo popcorn for a movie night.
  3.     Oreo Freeze Pops – Break Oreo cookies into half and throw them into a disposable glass. Pour milk over it and place an ice cream stick into it too. Leave it in the freezer for a few hours to set. Remove and enjoy your very own homemade Oreo popsicles!
  4.     Oreo Cookie Cubes – Love chilled milkshake? Now try using Oreo ice cubes instead of the regular ones and enhance the taste of your milkshake manifold. Open up the Oreo cookies and break them into little pieces with your hand. Add all the pieces in a small bowl.

Now pour cold milk into a regular ice tray and sprinkle all the pieces into each section of the tray over the milk. Put the tray in the freezer and allow the milk to freeze into cubes. Now throw 2-3 Oreo cookie cubes into a glass and pour cold milkshake over it. Enjoy chilled.

  1.     Oreo coffee – This is a must-try for all coffee lovers. You’d never want to have your coffee otherwise ever again! Take about 2-3 whole Oreo cookies in a small bowl and pour milk over them. Leave them soaked for at least 12 hours

The cookies would’ve all melted by now and you’d see a chocolate milk mixture left in the bowl. Now pour this mix into a coffee mug, add more milk (if you like) and coffee decoction over this. Serve hot with a few Oreo cookies.

  1.     Oreo cookie pops – What better way to serve your Oreo at a party than chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate! Mouthwatering already? It’s super easy too. Just insert a chopstick, popsicle stick, or skewer in an Oreo cookie and dip it into melted chocolate. You may decorate it with colorful sprinkles or even frosting, any way you like it. Kids love it at birthday parties.
  1.     Oreo cheesecake – Perfect treat on a hot summer day and fairly simple too; no baking required. You only need three things here – Oreos, cream cheese, and condensed milk. Take about 16 Oreos and put them into a zip lock pouch. Now take a rolling pin and smash the bag on both sides. You get the crust for your cheesecake.

Now put these smashed pieces into small jars; fill them up to about 1/4th of the jar and set them aside until you prepare the filling. Take a packet of cream cheese and throw it into a bowl and keep mixing it until it’s light and fluffy. Now add to it slightly more than half a can of condensed milk (depends on how sweet you want it). Use a beater to blend the mixture well until it looks thick and creamy.

Now break about 5-6 Oreos into small pieces and add them to this filling. Mix it only once and then pour the mixture into a piping bag or a zip lock bag. Just make sure you cut the bag large enough for the cookie chunks to pass through. Now pipe the filling into the small jar where the crust has already been placed.

You can even add more layers to the cheesecake by adding more crusts of crushed Oreos and repeating the above process. Use Oreos for garnishing as well along with a drizzle of condensed milk. Leave it in the fridge for about half an hour and serve cold.

  1.     Use Oreos to decorate your cupcakes – Ever tried decorating your cupcake to make it look like a mouse? Use frosting over the cupcake, garnish it with crushed Oreos or color sprinkles as you wish. Place two whole Oreos, one to each side of the cupcake to give the appearance of ears. You can make two eyes too with chocolate bits.

Like to Dunk Your Oreos? Now Dip ‘Em All At Once!

It’s the best thing to do when you have a kids’ party. It’s even cheaper because you don’t need to get everyone their own glass of milk (you know kids wouldn’t like to share).

Take a pack of Oreo minis (they’d work best for this trick). Pour milk (warm or cold as per kids’ liking) into a large jar. Throw the minis into the jar all at once and plunge them in using a French press. Just do it once to avoid the cookies getting too soggy. Now ask the kids to take out one cookie each from atop the jar and enjoy!

Have more ideas? Do share with us how you like to enjoy your Oreo.

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