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8 tricks to attract Millennials by your marketing campaign

Millennials are the most difficult demographics for any brand to satisfy. They are that part of their target audience group that are tech savvy, but have limited time. It is hard to charm them, but not impossible.

Marketers are trying to figure out new tactics that can help attract millennials to their brand because they certainly don’t answer well to traditional marketing.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 marketing tactics to appeal millennials.
Be on social media

The first piece of advice is to have a social media presence. A millennial customer doesn’t believe traditional marketing techniques like advertising on print and TV. Instead, they rely more on social media marketing, influencers, a recommendation from friends and family, and so on.

If they see a brand on social media, they will trust their product more because they can find tons of reviews about them online.

Make your content empowering

A millennial spends over 25 hours per week online on social media, blogs, and websites, and so on in search of authentic and empowering content. They continuously look for content that is relevant and fresh and provides some sort of knowledge to them. They even share and comment, to pass on this knowledge.

They look for online reviews or discuss the product in forums before making a purchase. Thus, have a blog, and make sure to post relevant and fresh content which will attract the millennials.

Give more attention to word-of-mouth

If you want to target millennials, you need to focus more on word-of-mouth marketing tactic. As we know, that a millennial trust the recommendation of their friend or a person more than TV advertisements, it is worth a shot to include WOM in your marketing strategy.

You can use user-generated content, have testimonials from real people in your blog or social media, conduct a survey and post it results, or even ask your employees to promote the brand in their socials.

Meet your audience and make connections

You need to have consumer shows that allow you to meet your consumers. It is a great chance to meet millennials and understand how they shop and what they like to spend money on. It will give you a good idea on how to market your business for millennials.

Also, it gives you a chance to make a connection with them, and this demographic loves to work with a brand which makes them feel like family.

They believe in instant communication

A millennial asks a lot of questions before purchasing a product. Also, they are not shy to complain or raise query when they come across a defective product or service which is not up to the mark.

Thus, your customer care department has to be strong and on their toes all the time. A millennial will ask a brand question on their website and even on social media, and they expect an instant response.

Also, they want to talk to real people, and not bots. They want transparent communication and brands who that will certainly see an increase in their sales.

Make sure your brand is mobile friendly

Your brand experience should be available to millennials on their mobiles and tablet too. They do everything from checking their mails to viewing YouTube, to streaming shows, to read the newspaper, and blogs on mobile.

If your brand is not able to provide them with a stable mobile experience, it can be a big loss for your business.

Appeal to their ethics and values

Millennial wants to buy a product from a brand, which is doing something good for the environment and the people. They believe in purchasing from a brand that is using vegan products and eco-friendly methods. They want to collaborate with a business through which they can give out some good in the world. So, make sure you highlight these aspects of your brand.

Your product or service should be post worthy

Millennials are always posting stuff on Instagram and Facebook. If they see great food, they will post it, same goes for great music, décor, and services. So, make sure that you present your services in a way that your customers want to post it. You can use Canva for making an eye catching graphics.

Millennials are different, so your strategies also need to be different and unique.

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