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9 Car buying secrets for first-time buyers

Hey! So, you assume yourself to be a full-blown adult!

Do you want to prove it to me…?

Let me give you the task…

Go to the market and buy your first car, and then share your overall experience with me.

It’s not that easy as it seems. There’s much more to consider beyond the car’s color and interior; Trust me.

Buying your first car fills your cells with excitement, but there’s a lot to manage. Planning can help make the process more comfortable—and help ensure, you end up with the best car for you.

Don’t you believe it? Fine!

Let me share some mind-blowing tips with you so you can land your dream set of wheels.

Before You Start….

  1. What’s in your priority list?

Do you want your car to be fuel efficient?

Do you want to switch towards the electric car?

Think and list your priorities. It will help you in the entire searching process and coming up with the best fit.

Determine what’s non-negotiable and make it on the top of your priority list like (safety), or a good (gas mileage), and what’s less important for which you compromise easily like (sunroof, swivel seats).

Take proper notes. Consider where and when you’ll use the vehicle and choose those features accordingly.

  1. Know your transportation needs well

See which cars can accommodate you comfortably.

Will you be using your car daily?

Would convertible be good for me, or should I stick to minivan only?

Answer all these questions and add them to your list. It will help you in avoiding several wrong steps while making this crucial decision.

Now, come towards Basics….

  1. Keep your options open and take baby steps

Firstly, choose some best-suited car models that are as per your choice.

Consider their pros and cons. Weight them accordingly. Take your time and don’t hassle in making a decision.

Philip Reed, a senior consumer advice editor at automotive review site Edmunds, said,

“Do everything you can before physically going to buy the car.”

This research process helps you in coming up with the best-suited model you are interested in and what’s the current market price.

4. Do not buy on the first visit

Dealerships put a lot of margin on prices, and that’s why they want to sell you on your first trip. Make this posture that you are an experienced customer; only then you’ll be able to get a better deal.

It’s not good to take these critical decisions in hassle. Buying in the first visit makes you surpass some perfect options. So do some two to three visits and then decide accordingly.

5.Purchase wisely

Car Dealers work month to month and often offers good sale towards the month’s end to meet their quotas.

The dealers are also significantly less busy on weekdays and have not much to offer, so better go on a weekday.

6.Consult all the experts

The Internet is full of rankings, ratings, reviews, etc. and everything you want.

Once I wanted to scrap my car, these tons of websites helped me a lot. All my queries were answered on different relevant forums.

One can get an answer to all their questions regarding new and used car models.

Car buying secrets for first-time buyers


7. Check out the car in person

When buying a used car, this step is significantly essential. Make sure all the car’s body panels match accordingly. Check the interior, chassis, and engine parts well.

All these matters a lot to avoid adverse consequences.

I am stating all this, because these days, everyone loves to order stuff online and having it show up quickly. So do you also want to buy a car that way?

It is so essential. Don’t omit this step. It will allow you to explore the best kind of opportunities and varieties that once can avail of.

If you do decide to buy your car from a dealership, the best way to protect yourself from any fraud is by getting a referral.

The best thing to do is to know what you want—and know yourself—before you head to the dealership. Read the latest articles and hear from the readers who have gotten in over their heads on cars they can’t afford.

8. Take the test drive

Take a test drive always, no matter what.

While during the test drive, use it as you own it. Don’t play shy here; it’s not needed.

Try out all your cruise control. Play with the audio and the AC. Have a keen eye at every small detail.

Test out the seat recliners. Do it all.

Trust me, the keen observation done here will save you from several unavoidable consequences.

Now, let’s take about Finances.

9. Establish a budget based on what you can afford

According to a research study, all the new cars depreciate at a rate of 10%, which creates baggage in your budget. Next, 20% of the amount also deprecates within the first year.

It leads to 60% of the amount left just after the three years since when it was new. It’s sad to know, but that’s how it works.

When assessing this, take into account all the costs of the car, such as insurance, maintenance, unforeseen repairs, and gas mileage.

You may need help figuring out how much you can responsibly spend on financing or leasing a new car.

If you plan to apply for a car-buying loan, decide which the best fit is for you. Don’t come up with something which overwhelms you.

According to experts, Try not to exceed more than 20 percent of your net monthly income is a reasonable limit. Moreover, remember to include vehicle maintenance, repair costs, gas, taxes, loans, and insurance, etc.

Final Words

Did we miss anything? I guess, no! Everything necessary has been shared. Share your best experiences after following these must-know tips.

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